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Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010

Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 1 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 2
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With the HR1, Peugeot once again reshuffles the pack in terms of the individual car segments. The HR1 is an exclusive and innovative urban concept car that blends together a number of genres (city runaround, coupé, SUV …). It is targeted at active young city dwellers smitten with design and innovation that are in search of a vehicle that matches their profile.
Hyper-connectivity, adaptable and compact the HR1 breaks new ground with new trends in hyperconnectivity, modularity and responsiveness, and offers an entirely new driving experience: - The original door system facilitates access to a novel passenger compartment which can be totallytransformed to offer either two seats and a large load area or four seating positions; - The interior with its movement recognition interfaceis simple and intuitive and very innovative; - A gile, reactive and responsible, the HR1 features HYbrid4 technology, with a new three cylinder 1.2 litre THP petrol engine at the front and a rear electric motor for: reduced CO2 emissions (80 g/km or Zero in electric mode), a maximum power (147 bhp) and four wheel drive.

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An original hybrid power train One of Peugeot’s priorities is to retain its environmental leadership over the coming years. In this respect, the HR1 concept-car which is most at home in the city, needed to fill the brief of being particularly efficient and innovative. This concept-car incorporates HYbrid4 technology and its associated benefits. With an internal combustion engine at the front and a rear electric motor it can be driven as often as possible in “zero emissions” mode in town at low speed, or with both engines together, offering four-wheel drive capability where challenging surfaces warrant it. Under the bonnet, the internal combustion engine which drives the front wheels is a new three cylinder petrol unit. This is the 1.2 litre THP 81 kW (110 bhp) petrol engine, one of the future family of three cylinder engines currently under development. Continuing its “downsizing” strategy, the PSA Group has used the most advanced technologies to produce this low capacity engine that combines both a high level of performance with environmental efficiency. Coupled with a 27 kW (37 bhp) electric motor, the car has a potential power of 108 kW (147 bhp) for a combined fuel consumption of only 3.5 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions of only 80 g/km. The electronically-controlled 6-speed gearbox (with paddles on the steering wheel or gear lever) coupled with this power train is designed to offer maximum precision and responsiveness to the driver, who is also free at any time to opt for sequential or automatic mode.

Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Specification

Capacity (cm3) 1197
Maximum power 81 kW (110 bhp)
Maximum torque 195 Nm
Type Synchronous with permanent magnets
Continuous / peak power 20 kW (27 bhp) / 27 kW (37 bhp)
Continuous / peak torque 100 Nm / 200 Nm
THP + electric Maximum power 108 kW (147 bhp)
Type Michelin
Size 225 45 R19
Electronically-controlled Six-speed manual gearbox
Fuel tank (litres) 41 litres
Combined cycle (litres/100 km) 3,5
CO2 (g/km) 80 g
Fuel consumption (litres/100 km) 0
CO2 (g/km) 0
Maximum range at constant speed 2.5 km
Overall length 3694
Overall body width 1755
Overall height – with full tanks 1492
Wheelbase 2311
Front/rear overhang 703 / 680
Front / rear track at wheel centre 1534 / 1512
Boot volume in 2 seat configuration 734 dm3
Boot volume in 3 seat configuration 457 dm3
Boot volume in 4 seat configuration 180 dm3
KERB WEIGHT with full tanks (kg)

Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Wallpapers:

Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010
Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010
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