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Mercedes F 700 Concept 2007

The Mercedes F 700 Concept introduced at the 2007 International Frankfort Motor Show redefines the idea of a future luxurious touring sedan. The 517 cm long concept car has a spacious interior and the four wheels are at the extreme corners. The general design respects the Mercedes Benz brand styling, but in a more aggressive fashion with prominent wheel arches.

The main technical features include active PRESCAN suspensions and propulsion by 1,8 liters 4 cylinder DIESOTTO engine. This engine combines the strong points of the low emission gasoline engine with the consumption benefits of a diesel drive. Its CO2 emission of a mere 127 grams per kilometer correspond to consumption of only 5,3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers (44,3 mpg), extremely low for a vehicle of this class.

This is made possible by the DIESOTTO technology, an advancement of the internal combustion engine developed by Mercedes Benz. With its novel controlled auto ignition, direct fuel injection and turbo-charging, it combines the high power of the spark ignition engine with the exemplary torque and great fuel economy of a diesel. The drive system of the F 700, as four cylinder featuring two stage charging, attains the performance level of a current S Class car with a 3,5 liter naturally aspirated V6 gasoline engine or the 3,0 liter V6 turbo-diesel.

The F 700 also sets standards in regard to road roar, tire vibration and suspension comfort. With two laser scanners the active PRESCAN suspension scans the roadway in front of the car. The hydraulically controlled active suspension proactively compensates for detected hindrances, enabling entirely new comfort characteristics, what Mercedes likes to call a "flying carpet" feeling.

Equally innovative is the operating concept "SERVO-HMI" (HMI for Human Machine Interface). The display is not only particularly gentle on the eyes; the number of controls also has been appreciably reduced and the menu structure has been made strikingly simple and self explanatory. The driver can "discuss" more complex inputs, such as destination for navigation purpose, in dialogue with an avatar, a virtual operating assistant.

The exterior design of the F 700 shows that with this concept an extrordinary amount of space has been created for the passengers. The very silhouette, characterized by the long wheelbase, is a clear indication of this. All the futuristic styling of the F 700 is perfectly compliant with the brand identity of Mercedes Benz.

The interior concept interprets comfortable travel and well being in a completely new way. With its REVERSE seat the F 700 breaks up the firmly established seat arrangement of conventional sedans and offers individual seating positions facing the direction of travel. With REVERSE system the rear right seat can be turned 180 degree .

Technical Data

Length 518 cm, Width 196 cm, height 144 cm, wheelbase 345 cm, weight 1700 kg

Engine displacement 1,8 liter, rated power DIESOTTO 238 hp + hybrid module electric motor 15kW/20 hp with integral starter generator., maximum torque 400 Nm

Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in 7,5 seconds

Top speed (governed) 200 km/h

NEDC overall consumption 5,3 l/ 100 km

CO2 emission 127 g/km

Mercedes F700 Wallpapers

mercedes f700 concept 2007 mercedes f700 concept 2007 mercedes f700 concept 2007 Mercedes F 700 Concept 2007
Mercedes F 700 Concept 2007 Mercedes F 700 Concept 2007 Mercedes F 700 Concept 2007



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