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Bertone Corvette Nivola Concept Car 1990

The Carrozzeria Bertone introduced the Corvette Nivola Concept at 1990 Geneva Motor Show. This two seats sports car project with centrally mounted engine is derived from a Corvette ZR1, the top of Corvette range at the time.

Bertone has a long tradition of developing mid engine concept car and the Corvette Nivola is the 18th development case; strating from a current front engined car required to develop most components and chassis. A new chassis was thought and built. All the other components (suspension, gearbox, steering, controls, etc.) had to be "invented". A full size model was prepared to enable all around assessment of the shape, volumes and final dimensions of the prototype.

The full prototype was then built by hand by skilled master craftsmen using simple traditional tools. The aesthetic and functional approaches went hand in hand, each a function of the other. The innovative mechanical formulation gave Bertone absolute freedom in the formal expression. The Nivola styling was created intuitively. It develops from front to rear with a flowing natural continuity.

The Bertone Corvette Nivola Concept is a coupe that can be converted into a sports car by removing the roof. Bertone has developed doors of every kind for its models over the year. A novel arrangement has been choosed for the Nivola in the form of doors acting as luggage carriers. Large compartments have been fashioned for this purpose in the generous thickness of the doors, whose "skin" is released by means of an original system to provide access.

The new chassis is in square section high strength steel tubes. The original gearbox has been replaced by a ZF unit to permit the central mounting of the engine. Reformulation of the layout of the mechanical assemblies has also influenced the suspensions. Innovative hydro-pneumatic suspensions patented by Way Assauto (ITT Group) have been integrated with the chassis. The braking system is the Bosch Antiskid type of the Corvette ZR1.

Weight distribution is 40% on the front end and 60% at the rear

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